UNDP envoy lauds Iran for successfully implementing Malaria Control Plan

5/8/2015 12:00:00 AM
The UN Resident Coordinator in Iran Gary Lewis said the UNDP malaria control plan has acted more successfully than its global model, so can serve as a model for the world.

Lewis told the World Malaria Day seminar that 53 years ago those suffering from malaria accounted for one third of the population and now the figure has fallen to less than 500 people, which is a big success.
The reason for success in the Malaria Control Plan in Iran is a well-planned program, designed and enforced for years to eliminate and counter the disease and in the past eight years, the UN has also contributed to the success.
The plan is fine with respect to the infrastructures of confronting the disease, accounting for a composition of the UN cooperation with Iran and that’s why the success has been gained in the country.
He went on to say that the last step is the most difficult one and the closer we are to elimination of the disease, the more careful we should be so as to ensure that the disease does not enter the country again and that will be possible when colleagues and officials engaged in this sector are fully watchful. ‘Malaria is one of the three important diseases worldwide and Iran’s plan for uprooting the disease is a big work. We hope to celebrate full elimination of the disease in Iran soon.’
World Malaria Day was commemorated in Bushehr Province, on 6th May 2015 with the participation of the Government, National Parliament, Academia, and teams from World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
Eight years ago the Malaria Project funded by the Global Fund was launched in Iran in close partnership with Iran’s Country Coordinating Mechanism aiming at reducing the incidence of malaria through its National Malaria Strategic Plan. Over 33 million people have benefitted so far directly or indirectly from the current phase of the project covering 11 provinces in the country.
Source: IRNA

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