Consider your baby’s cold symptoms

9/10/2014 12:00:00 AM
Derived from Iran-Daily Health Desk, Most kids are inflicted by colds six to 10 times a year. The symptoms that should be checked by a doctor are as follows:

Not feeding, call the doctor if your baby’s symptoms are so bad he or she isn’t eating normally. Strange sounds or breathing problems, “If your baby is making strange noises when taking a breath in, or making loud noises during sleep, that’s a concern.
Fever, If your baby is three months or younger, call the doctor for any fever of 100.4 or higher, or if fever lasts more than three days.
Extreme sleepiness or crankiness, Nobody likes feeling sick, so you can count on some crankiness from your little one during a cold. But if your baby seems especially sleepy or irritable, it’s a good idea to give the doctor a call.
Bad cough, Coughing is good because it helps clear mucus from the lungs. But if your baby has a cough that doesn’t go away after three days, or a cough that’s so bad it causes vomiting, call the doctor.
A cold that doesn’t go away, If your child’s cold symptoms don’t seem to get better after a week, call the doctor to make sure it’s not some other type of infection.
A chronic runny nose, when a runny nose doesn’t get better, or if your baby is sneezing and has red eyes along with a runny nose, call your doctor. It could be a sign of allergies.
Other symptoms, If your child has serious ear pain, blue lips, or a sore throat with a swollen neck and a fever, call your doctor. These could be symptoms of another type of illness.


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